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2009 Boston Marathon – At Last, American-Born Runners Click it Up a Notch Against African Winners

The American marketing nightmare that is the Boston Marathon is not going away, but at least two American-born athletes have now offered us a glimmer of hope that we might at sometime in the 21st Century win the race that we own.

Two world-class African athletes-a male Ethiopian and a female Kenyan-again swept the titles at the 2009 Boston Marathon on Monday (4-20-09). Their names-Deriba Merga (male) and Salina Kosgei-and their ethnicity do not help their popularity or marketability in America despite their world-class performances.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve market potential with world-class foreign athletes on American soil. It does not matter how much they win or how many records they set. Nobody in America seems to care.

Imagine a Nike ad that says, “Just Do It. Like Kebede, Cheruiyot, Asfaw, Kiogora and Cherigat.” Not exactly household names recognizable by millions of Americans. Now say, “Just Do It, like Bill Rodgers and Frank Shorter”. A world of difference, and that is the point.

Bill Rodgers and Frank Shorter literally jump-started the running boom in America in the early 1970s. Shorter won the marathon at the 1972 Munich Olympics and was runner-up at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Bill Rodgers won both the Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon 4 times each between 1975 and 1980. Joan Benoit Samuelson won the marathon at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

The marketability of Rodgers and Benoit fueled America’s running boom and generated billions in revenue while creating new markets and products along the way. Rodgers was born in Connecticut, Benoit in Maine.

The demise of American distance runners that can win signature world events has been horrific in recent years. You would not even know that we took a distance running team to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. We had only 1 athlete-Shalane Flanagan-who thought she could win and came home with a Bronze Medal. America won exactly 1 of 32 possible medals in events from the 800-meter run to the marathon.

The rise of the African dominance in the Boston Marathon has been nothing short of meteoric, especially among the men. Kenyans have won the Boston Marathon 16 times in last 19 years; throw in 2 Ethiopian winners and Africans have won the Boston Marathon 18 times in the last 19 years. And the other lone, non-African winner in the last 19 years? He was South Korean.

If you do not think this is a sorry mess for America, you know nothing about running or the history of running in America. It would seem that the great running boom in America was slowed down by too much success and money, in other words, we have gone soft.

We once dominated the Boston Marathon. From its inception in 1897 to 1945, American-born runners won the race 34 of 49 times (69{970c593d695e60497e2dd64b2590196d1a6752e2cfd3517f40152dcc41772c64}). During that stretch, Clarence DeMar won 7 times while breaking the course record 4 times, and Americans won 10 years straight from 1916 to 1925.

The African runners who came to America to run road races in the last two decades were poverty-stricken and hungry. They returned home as heroes and “millionaires”. They still appear hungry and show no signs of slowing down, which means American runners had better click it up or spend every race looking at their rear ends. There is a reason why every Husky in the Iditarod dog sled race wants to be the lead dog in the pack.

And now, American-born runners Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall have finally begun to believe that they can win the Boston Marathon. We know this because Goucher finished 3rd among women in this year’s 113th Boston Marathon, clocking 2:32.25, a scant 9 seconds behind the winner. If she could have found 10 seconds more during 26+ miles, she would have won this year’s Boston Marathon.

Goucher ran 5:09 in her 24th mile and had led the race for a half-hour, but was just nipped at the end of a great dream. It was only her second marathon. She has arrived; and now she must train harder and finish stronger at Boston to win. Goucher is coached by Alberto Salazar, who won the 1982 Boston Marathon in a course-record 2:08.52. God bless Kara Goucher, we are not making many winners in America recently.

Hall also finished 3rd in his race. He clocked 2:09.40, almost a minute (58 seconds) behind the winner, but keeps improving and definitely stuck around long enough to be worrisome to some other runners.

Kenyan Robert Cheruiyot (say something close to Cherry-ott), who had won the race the last 3 years, finished 5th behind Hall, so there is some hope for the Americans.

Perhaps 3 Boston victories and pockets stuffed with money affected Cheruiyot, who would be considered beyond wealthy in Kenya. There may be a lot more Kenyans with more money than Cheruiyot, but not many could match his fame and popularity.

In a footnote, 45-year-old masters runner Colleen De Reuck finished 8th among the women. It was an incredible run for De Reuck. The bad news is that her world-class competitors were young enough to be her daughters; the good news is that they were not young enough to be her granddaughters. A salute from the heart to Colleen De Reuck.

While things are looking up in Boston for American-born runners, we will not arrive until Americans again win both races. The last American-man or woman-to win the Boston Marathon was Lisa Larsen Weidenbach in 1985, and it was her debut run at Boston. I believe it was in 1991 that the prize money started. This year’s winner took home a check for 150,000 American dollars.

The last Boston Marathon that saw Americans win both races was 1983, when Greg Meyer won in 2:09.00 and Joan Benoit (sound familiar) won in 2:22.43, setting not only a course record but a world marathon record. It was Benoit’s 2nd Boston victory after first winning in 1979.

As they say in Africa’s Sahara, which covers 3.5 million square miles and ranks as the world’s largest desert, it is a long time across the desert and it has been a long time between rains.

Copyright © 2009 Ed Bagley

Marathon Training – Running Tips and Top Ten Secrets to Start Running and Train For a Marathon!

I’d love to share my secret with you! My husband convinced me to run a marathon and I’ve never looked back. Running has given me a zest for life and an enthusiasm to embrace a healthy lifestyle. The endorphin lift running gives you is simply poetry in motion. No need to head for any “feel good” pills.
I have just last month successfully completed my third Comrades marathon a 56 mile(89km) marathon. Yes its more than double the distance of a standard marathon and known as “the ultimate human race” but I entered the stadium smiling, feeling on top of the world!
Coming from someone who was never an athlete at school and only picked up jogging as a hobby and never considered myself jogging anything further than 3 miles tops, this is quite an achievement well within everyones reach. Most humans go through life not realizing how powerful their minds and bodies are once you decide to actually use them for what they are designed to do!

Here are the top 10 tips why Running is good for you, allows you to enjoy multiple benfits and why as a first timer its worth running and following a Marathon schedule so you can successfully complete and train for a half or full marathon

1.Running controls your metabolism, so even when you do enjoy snacking on the odd takeaway or sweet delicacies, it simply becomes fuel for your body to burn when you head out for a run.
2. Running hugely increases your Brain Power and boosts your energy levels allowing you to live life to the full!
3. Running allows you to enjoy the exhilaration of fresh air, beauty of nature, new smells, new scenery and new seasons.
4. Enjoy awesome sunrises and sunsets as you head out for an early morning or late evening run.
5. Feel all your worries for the day simply melt away as you head out for a run.
6. Running boosts your immune system and a fitter, healthier body helps keep all the nasty infectious germs we are in contact with daily at bay
7. Running helps you say no to that extra slice of chocolate cake or serving of pudding as you start feeling good about the new, fitter and slimmer you
8. Watch inches fall off and your body start toning into shape as you train for your first marathon or half marathon.
9.Enjoy the comments from your friends when they tell you, you do look years younger!
10.The exhilaration of completing your very 1st marathon makes the achievement of all goals seem within reach, as you realize what amazing things are possible when you put your mind to it!

Why train for a marathon or half marathon, why not simply start exercising?
Human beings sadly don’t keep goals without a program or schedule. When you set a goal to run a marathon or half marathon at a specified date. Have a successful marathon training schedule to follow, even better convince a friend to join you. Share the news with everyone. There is simply no looking back! The secret is training for your 1st marathon with the “running easy”, “without a watch” running philosophy. It’s what’s helped us complete many marathons and ultra marathons with a smile.

Why I support running a marathon and not simply going to gym.
There’s nothing quite like fresh air to boost your zest for life. It’s cheaper and more sustainable than gym contracts and you can take your training schedule with you anywhere you go in the world. Simply put on your shoes wherever you are; mountains, city or sea and head out. My husband and I have enjoyed runs in the most amazing and remote places in the world. There’s nothing quite like getting the feel of a new holiday destination than exploring it on foot.

Do it for your kids!
We need to also do it for our kids. Our kids are losing it in today’s society and by setting an example of great achievements with joy and hard work, they will want to follow your example too.

Best Rated Running Shoes – Newton Running Shoes

There are a lot of running shoes available in the market today. Most of the more popular ones have been endorsed by popular television personalities or celebrities. Such influx of a lot of shoes in the market could easily confuse a beginner in deciding which pair of shoes he should purchase to begin his running career or hobby.

But what we really want is to know what the best rated running shoes are, so that we can be assured that we are providing our feet with the best equipment available. After all, running can be tough on the feet and the lower legs, so we want the best for our feet.

If you ask a good number of experienced runners, most of them would tell you that one of the brands associated with the best rated running shoes of today is Newton Running Shoes. The company has spent years of research and testing to come up with the ideal shoes fit for running. What is different about the running shoes that Newton develops is that they guide the person wearing them to run in proper form.

According to the Newton Company, the best way to run is through running with shorter strides and landing on the balls of your feet. This they have discovered in observing award winning athletes and through careful research with the use of modern technology. This type of running form will enhance your running experience and will enable your body to get the most out of the exercise to make it more fit than it ever was before.

The shoes that Newton produces were created using the concept and dynamics of barefoot running. The purpose of this is to make you run smoother, more natural, and less damaging to your foot as well as your leg. When people do their daily run, they often run with strides that make their heel strike down on the ground first instead of the balls.

Running while landing on the balls of your feet first is more natural and therefore a more ideal way to run. It helps prevent running injuries as the impact of running can better be taken by the toughest part of your feet, the balls and not the heels. Thats why, when we dont have any protection on our feet, when we are running barefoot, we naturally land on the balls of our feet.

It is the design of the shoe with its lower heel-to-toe drop that will help you change your stride and become more of a toe-striker runner instead of a heel striker. It has a sole that incorporates a certain foam structure that forces your foot to correct itself while running which will safely train you to run in the way that would be more effective. In addition to making you more of a toe-striker runner, this shoe would also help you attain a better posture in running as well as to correct over striding.

These are by far the commonly known reasons why Newton running shoes are considered to be the best rated running shoes in todays market and why they are used by top athletes like Craig Alexander, Ironman Triathlon world champion. With this in mind, why not make a pair of Newton running shoes your next pair of sneakers to try?

The Perfect Marathon Pacing Formula

I have run 15 marathons and finding the perfect pace has always been a problem. I believe that I have a formula for marathon pacing that works. I will explain how to calculate your pace using a heart rate monitor.

The major problem running marathons for me has always been starting out either too fast or too slow. When I start out too fast, by mile 18 I am in serious trouble. With eight miles to go and my body in bad shape things get real ugly. When I start too slow by mile thirteen my legs will usually not respond to the faster paced. I believe this happens because as the legs become tired your stride length and turnover will not increase to a faster pace.

To determine your marathon pace run a half marathon at your best effort during the first week of your marathon training program. Wear a heart rate monitor during the half marathon and record your average heart rate of the entire race. By subtracting 5 beats from this number you will know your marathon pace heart rate.

Example: average heart rate of 150bpm – 5bpm = marathon pace heart rate of 145bpm
Training at this heart rate once a week during your marathon buildup you will learn to run at marathon pace and the correct effort. Start your marathon pace runs at 5 miles and build up to 15 or 20 miles in length.

Your long runs can be used as marathon pace runs as well. Every other week running a long run and adding marathon pace to the second half will improve you fitness tremendously. Once a month use one of your long runs exclusively as a marathon pace run. After a longer marathon pace run over 15 miles use the next week to recover.

At the midpoint of your marathon training run another half marathon and record your average heart rate. Doing this will allow you to monitor any changes in your average heart rate. If your average heart rate increases or stays the same you will know that your training is going well. If your average heart rate goes down, you will have an indication of over training.

As your marathon race date approaches run a half marathon at your best effort three weeks before race day. Use a heart rate monitor during the race to record the average heart rate of the entire race. After the race is over save this number for future reference. Take the average heart rate of your half marathon and subtract five beats from it. This number will be the maximum heart rate for running you’re upcoming marathon.

Cardio Exercises For A Bigger Butt – Get Healthy While Toning Your Glutes!

It is widely known that squats and weight training will make your butt bigger but there are also a number of cardio exercises for a bigger butt. Cardio exercises help you to lose fat and make your heart healthier. If you need cardio exercises to lose weight or for a generally healthier lifestyle but dont want to lose that precious junk in the trunk, these are the cardio exercises you can perform to increase your heartrate while giving your glutes a workout.

A Bigger Butt with Step Aerobics

These simple exercises can be done at home on your steps or in a gym step aerobics class. At home, position yourself in front of your steps and squeeze your glutes in tight as you step up with one foot. Step back down and switch to the other foot. Repeat this at least 15 times. As you advance, you can start to take two steps instead of one. In a step aerobics class, whole cardio routines are built around the step so you can get a full workout while targeting your butt and thighs.

If the gym isnt for you, you can buy one of the home aerobic steps and follow a step aerobics DVD workout like Kathy Smith: Great Buns and Thighs Step Workout.

Will the Elliptical Make my Butt Bigger?

If you work out on an elliptical machine, your legs and butt muscles will get bigger. Not only are you getting an amazing cardio workout but you are giving your glutes and hamstrings a super workout too. Working out several times a week on an elliptical machine will burn fat, keep your heart rate healthy and give you an amazing behind.
Run Hills for Your Glutes

If youre a runner, incorporating hills into your running program will burn more calories at the same time as targeting muscles in your butt and thighs. Remember that the butt is mostly muscle so dont be worried about losing your favourite asset as youll be building muscle. If you prefer to run on the treadmill, set it to an incline of 5-12{970c593d695e60497e2dd64b2590196d1a6752e2cfd3517f40152dcc41772c64} for the same effect. Interval training is most effective so be sure to alternate running on an incline with running on a flat during your workout. Even if youre not a runner, walking on an incline can also give great results.


Kickboxing workouts focus on strengthening your core muscles but also your glutes and thighs.

With all the different types of kicks high kicks, round house kicks, side kicks, back kicks every part of your butt will get a good workout. Combined with complex punch combinations, your arms and abs will not feel left out. Join a local kickboxing class and youll soon find yourself with rock-hard abs and a nice, perky butt to match.

You dont have to take part in sparring if that is not for you, a cardio kickboxing class is enough to reap all the fitness benefits without breaking any bones! And if a gym kickboxing session is not your style, there are several kickboxing workout DVDs you can buy to follow in the comfort of your own home such as The Kung Fu Kickboxing Workout DVD.

Running Observe – An Great Companion For Runners

They are pretty essential for those who have prescriptions for cardiovascular workout routines, and wants to sustain heart pace over a specific stage for a fixed interval. They have unique sensors connected on your chest to measure your heart charge and then give a feedback to your watch that displays it on the display.

You can also measure the amount of calories burnt by you during the training course of your run. For this, you have to enter specified information to the observe pertaining to your approximate operating pace and bodyweight to determine the sum of calorie burnt. The newest addition to the working watches are the use of GPS tracking which lets you know your present-day situation exactly and also provides you an strategy about the path that you will need to follow in purchase to attain your spot. These watches drop in the class of good watches and can perform a great deal many points, other than just calculating time. They also arrive to use to feed knowledge to the computer system, and then use these knowledge for more calculations. With the aid of these watches, you can see the progress that you are producing whilst working. You can set targets for oneself to realize, and last but not least conclusion up increasing your operating pace.ce.

Inquire a sprinter about the importance of a wrist check out, and you’ll understand just how vital documents are to runners. To a runner or sprinter, a lot is dependent totally on the correct amount of seconds and minutes shown on the dial of the see.

Today, there is an whole collection of watches created solely for sports fanatic to wear even though jogging, jogging, jumping, swimming, flying and even diving in the depths of the ocean. Most of these watches are shockproof to bear the bodily shocks of extreme system movements undertaken by athletes. Furthermore, most of these styles are either water resistant or water proof to give athletes a flawless effectiveness even underneath water.

If you are looking to acquire a jogging check out for sprinting objective, you will want a see that can suit all your specifications for the duration of sprinting. For instance, your suitable see could be fitted with a very simple functionality like avoid check out, heart pace watch or a stage duration observe to help you track your speed in accordance with your heart pace. There are innovative functions as very well, like the observe mp3 player to preserve your adrenalin flowing with nice songs, and the GPS tracker to assist you track your location through the run.

Based on your requirement and spending plan, you can opt for possibly a fundamental observe that offers you all the fundamental features required for the duration of sprinting, or you could also go for a extra superior see with mp3 and GPS navigation. As way as selling price range is concerned, a lot of on-line sources present countless selections for researching and purchasing your working observe.

If a GPS enjoy is a little “about the top” for your requirements, you could want to think about a straightforward fitness check out with a pedometer aspect. Quite a few of these come with a pod which is attached to your operating shoes and calculates distance and pace by sending a wireless signal to your see.

Top 10 Half Marathon Training Tips

1. Make sure you train

Okay, this sounds blindingly obvious and it will be considered foolish to most people to embark on running a Half Marathon without doing any training. However, it does happen and, of course, the people who do so are daft.

There is more to this point than those people silly enough not to train. Firstly, it is important to train specifically for running a Half Marathon. You may be fit already as a result of going to the gym, playing football, swimming etc, but if your body is not conditioned to running long distances on tarmac, over various road contours and in varying weather conditions, then you will not be ready for a Half Marathon run. Even if you are already fit and active, it is important your training is all about running. Well, not quite all, but the vast majority of your training in the months before a Half Marathon should involve running.

Finally, it is important to complete your training schedule and run on every day you are supposed to. Always remember it is those days when do not want to run but do so anyway that will mean the most on race day.

So, whatever your level of fitness or general motivation, this message is important: make sure you train.

2. Pick the right schedule

A Half Marathon Training Schedule is a great way to not only plan your preparation for race day, but to also ensure you do enough training. Half Marathon Training Schedules are tried and tested with every day of training planned out in advance, making it easier to build training sessions into your daily routine.

Selecting the wrong schedule, however, could be disastrous.

Firstly, be realistic about your abilities. It will be incredibly de-motivating to struggle to complete each day’s training. That is an important sentence as a Half Marathon Training is as much about building mental toughness as physical fitness. By completing every day of training (even the rest days), you are one step closer to completing your ultimate goal. The sense of achievement will be particularly pronounced on the days with long distance runs.

To finish this point, it is also important to avoid schedules that are too easy. It is all about finding the balance – you will want a schedule that is challenging enough that you improve as you train while not being so difficult that you cannot complete each day’s run. It is also important to be realistic about the time you can allocate each day to training. It is no use choosing a schedule that will require an average of one hour training every day if your lifestyle does not allow that.

Finally, choose a training schedule that has been designed specifically for Half Marathon preparation. A lot of the schedules on the Internet are designed for those training for full, 26.2 mile marathons. They are often crudely adapted for Half Marathon Training, i.e. by cutting the runs by 50 percent. It is better to choose a schedule designed solely for Half Marathon Training.

3. Choose shoes (and socks) wisely

Your feet are the second most important part of your body to look after during Half Marathon Training. The mind is the most important part, but feet come a close second, before legs, joints, lungs or anything else.

Choosing the right shoes and socks is therefore incredibly important. This is not about individual brands, but rather the process to ensure everything is right on race day. To achieve that aim, choose and buy your shoes and socks at the start of your training. It is a very bad idea to attempt to break-in new gear close to a Half Marathon event. The earlier you select your shoes and socks, the better. At the very least, you will have time to change your mind and buy alternatives if your first choice is not working.

All the leading brands make great running shoes so we do not have a recommendation on specific brands in this article – that is more down to individual choice. The key point is to choose running shoes. Not cross-trainers or shoes designed for any other purpose – just running shoes. Running shoes should fit well and will offer support.

If you find it generally difficult to find comfortable training or running shoes, you could try a Wet Test. Your local running equipment or quality sports shop should do this, and it should be free of charge (if there is a charge do-it-yourself by simply laying white paper on the ground, wetting your feet, and running over it). If the imprint of your foot is shaped like a driver (golf-club terminology), then you have a normal foot and most standard running shoes should be comfortable. If the imprint is more like a thick club-shape, you are flat footed and may need a shoe that has a firm mid-sole. You will want to stop the inward roll of your foot so stay away from shoes that are highly curved, highly cushioned, or do not have much stability.

If the imprint of your foot narrows dramatically in the centre to look like two eyes (or single quotation marks one on top of the other) then you have a high-arched foot. You will need a shoe that is cushioned with lots of flexibility to encourage motion as your foot is not rotating enough.

Finally, we turn to socks. Socks can often be the most overlooked item of clothing for Half Marathon runners. The advice is to buy running socks as they do not move which reduces the possibility of getting blisters. They will often be left and right footed, which helps in this goal. There is nothing worse than dealing with a small, but painfully crippling, blister in the middle of Half Marathon Training, so indulge yourself with a pair of good running socks.

4. Include strength training in your schedule

Leg strength is a key element of Half Marathon Training. It is one of the main factors in determining whether you run the marathon in the time you want. It is also a factor in determining whether you can complete the whole event running, without having to walk.

In preparing for a Half Marathon, many people say they are prepared for the pain and will just run through it. That sort of comment often comes from people who are fit and are therefore used to training. For many of these people, the pain associated with training gives them a buzz and is part of the reason they keep doing it.

When your legs stop working because they are too tired, however, no amount of will-power is going to make them start working again. The only solution is to prepare your legs for a Half Marathon by including as much strength training as you can.

This may sound daunting, but it does not need to be. Strength training can take many different forms, including using a cross training machine at the gym or going to a circuits or spin class. It could also be much simpler, though. You could do plenty of hill work during your normal training runs – the steeper the hill, the better. Or, you could incorporate speed work into your normal training runs.

Any sort of strength training you do will reap benefits on race day.

5. Get in the right frame of mind

Being mentally fit is as important as being physically fit when it comes to being successful in a Half Marathon run. It is no different to any other sport, or in fact any other aspect of life. If you are not in the right frame of mind, it is very hard to achieve your goals.

The most important things is to stay positive throughout your training. Tell yourself every day that you feel good, fit and strong. That may sound silly to some, but it does work. Treat every completed day’s training as an achievement and congratulate yourself for taking another step closer to your goal.

It is hard to stress just how important mental positiveness is to training and completing a Half Marathon. There are hundreds of stories of sportsmen and sports teams who loose despite being more skilled than their opponents. Lack of confidence and poor mental attitude are often to blame. Even for normal people (like the majority of us non-athletes who run Half Marathons) can be affected by not being in the right frame of mind. There are many stories of men and women who run on the day of the Half Marathon far below the standard they were regularly achieving during training.

Of course, mental toughness and a positive attitude will not by themselves get you through a Half Marathon. You will need to do the physical training, but remain positive while doing so and constantly tell yourself you are doing well.

6. Train with others

Half Marathon Training can be a lonely pursuit, particularly when on a long run. Runners do many things to relieve that loneliness (which, occasionally, turns into boredom), including listening to music or radio programmes through headphones (try also listening to audio books as a page-turning bestseller is a great way of getting through a run).

Sometimes just being entertained while running is not enough though. The solution to loneliness, boredom and low motivation is obvious – run with others.

You will have to make sure the person or people you plan to run with are at the same level of training as you. You will not want to be held up by a running partner who cannot keep up with you, and similarly you will not want the strain of running faster than you are comfortable with so as to keep up with a quicker partner.

One final thing on this point – running with others does not necessarily mean running with other people. Dogs make great running companions and are the partner of choice for many in training.

7. Fund raise until you can’t fund raise anymore

There are two main reasons for fundraising ahead of running a Half Marathon. The obvious first reason is that charities and good causes will benefit from your efforts. This is of particular importance if your chosen charity has had a personal influence on your life. If it was not for the millions raised around the world every year by people running Half Marathons, charities would be much worse off.

The other reason for fundraising is much more selfish. If you use your Half Marathon entry to fund raise, you will be under a greater obligation to compete on the day and ultimately complete the race. Following directly from this sense of obligation will be a greater motivation to train. It will no longer be just a personal decision of whether you feel too tired on a particular day to train as another thing on your mind will be not letting down the charity you have selected, or the people who have committed to give you money on completion of the event. That could be enough to keep your training going when motivation is low.

8. Stay hydrated

Studies have shown that being as little as 2 percent dehydrated can have a negative effect on your running performance. Being dehydrated can make you run slower and may make you feel sluggish and light-headed. You may also start to cramp. It is therefore important to make sure you take on enough fluids while Half Marathon Training.

Fluid intake should start before your training run. Ideally one to two hours before the training session where possible and the amount you should take should be between 8 and 16 ounces (250mls to 500mls). Throughout the training session, the same amount of fluids should be taken for roughly every 30 minutes of training. This should be done by sipping rather than gulping down large amounts or you will just find that you will need to go to the toilet.

The type of drink you choose is down to personal choice, but it should be cold rather than warm. Water works well, as do sports drinks.

You may need to plan your fluid intake on training runs. Such planning has been shown in studies to improve performance. There is a more practical reason for planning in that when training, you are on your own and will need to carry enough drink to get you through to the end of the run. It will be different on race day when often the organisers will have drink stations throughout the course route.

Finally, it is important to drink after your training run. The amount you will need will vary depending on how strenuous your training run was. As a guide, you should drink enough so that you will have to go to the toilet within about an hour of finishing your run.

9. Sleep and eat well

This may be common sense, but for many people living busy lives it can be a challenge. As much as it is possible, meals should contain high energy, non-processed food. Heavy, starchy meals will feel like a lump in your stomach so should be avoided. Fruit and vegetables should be eaten as much as possible.

You should eat at least 30 minutes before your training session, more if it is a larger meal. Also try to use the toilet just before going out for your run as it is not just about putting good fuel into your body – having a system that works well is also important.

Sleeping well is also critical. Because of the modern and demanding lives many of us lead, it is not always possible to get 8 hours sleep every night. However, your Half Marathon Training will progress better if you get plenty of rest. Your body needs time to relax and recuperate when going through a Half Marathon Training Schedule, and sleeping is the best way to give your body this time.

10. Try everything before race day

Everything you have read in these Top 10 Half Marathon Training tips, and every other piece of advice you get when preparing for your race, should be tried well in advance of the event. Do not, for example, buy a new pair of running shoes a week or two before your race. In fact, do not do anything in the week or two before the race that you have not done many times during your training.

The clothes you plan to wear on race day should be worn on training runs – if it is going to chafe, it is better you find that out well in advance. This applies to everything, from your underwear to your t-shirt; your socks to your hat.

The fluid you plan to drink during the race should be used while on all training runs, and if you plan to use energy gels make sure you try them in training long before race day. Before long training runs you should also try to eat the food you are planning to eat before the event.

Finally, most Half Marathon events take place in the morning. If possible, train at a similar time of day, particularly on your long training runs.

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Giving comfort and ease all around as well as underneath foot, the Puma Total Spectana stands out like a substantial distance exercising running shoe. It may be a bit on the hefty side, but it makes up for the weight by giving long-lasting shock absorption. Providing the multitude of consumers and companions with specialized, clever, premium quality and helpful support.

Running shoes are the most significant device that the sportsmen has got. They help reduce injuries plus they may help the jogging stride be more effective. Athletic shoes are shoes created for highest sustain and comfort for sportsmen. Running shoes often consist of excess underlay to absorb impact in the surface area running on. Athletic shoes are only used for PT. Therefore, most of the publicity is in boots.

Specific moves require specific shoes. One of the most typical blunders persons seeking to get in shape make is not very comprehending the need for correct shoes. Specialized jogging merchants are great if you’re unclear about the kind of shoe you ought to be using, as their employees can easily guide you within the correct area. But when you’re like me, you already have a popular logo and possibly even a popular model, that you simply consistently purchase.

Why Is Marathon Running So Popular

Marathon Running is a wonderful challenge which can be enjoyed by everybody. The huge fields some of the more popular International Marathons attract is ample evidence that the sport is extremely popular.

Now running a marathon is not easy. It takes a lot of training just to finish the race and even more to get a good time. Although some of the natural runners can complete a marathon with a minimal of training, the vast majority need to put in a lot of mileage over an extended period of time. This means going out in all types of weather or spending hours on a treadmill.

What is it that motivates them to run?

Often people watching a big marathon on TV are drawn to excitement and glamour. They are inspired watching ordinary people of all ages and sizes completing the race. They can identify with the runners and feel, that if others can do it, so can they. Sometimes they take up a challenge from their family or friends to prove that they can also do it.

Many runners start with the aim of getting fit or losing weight. They start with short runs a couple of times a week. Slowly they start running further, faster and more frequently. Then they start to enter the shorter fun runs and 10km races. This leads them to the longer races.

OK thats what gets them motivated to start. What is it that keeps them running? Lets look at some of the attractions.

There is no doubt that running gives you a feeling of wellbeing. No matter how tired you feel before a training run, you always feel so much more energetic afterwards. Not only this, any tension and stress soon dissolves after a couple of kilometers. It is the endorphins that are released into your system when you run which accounts for this. Once you realize this you are much more motivated not to skip your training runs.

Nothing compares with the confidence running gives you. You start to learn that you are no longer bound by the limitations that you had set for yourself. You now feel you can take on challenges that previously you would never have accepted. Best of all, this starts to manifest in all areas of your life, not just running.

Obviously your body tones up. You may lose a bit of weight. You look a lot better. Ailments like indigestion and heartburn vanish. Your energy soars. You are more relaxed.

The camaraderie of the marathon is outstanding. There is a vibe that permeates every event, no matter what the weather conditions. Apart from the elite athletes who compete against each other, the majority of the field is only competing against themselves. These races and the group training runs are like social events. It is a chance to interact with like minded people from all walks of life.

Running provides a wonderful opportunity to meet interesting people and make new friends. Many running clubs often have a strong social bias. They organize regular functions, get-togethers and outings.

Some runners love the training runs they do on their own. The solitude allows them to clear their minds. To solve any problems that have been nagging them. To enjoy the time alone doing what they love.

For some it is a chance to find those special routes. They love to do beautiful scenic runs in the country or explore the neighborhood. They take your shoes with them when you travel so that they can run wherever you are.

Finally the biggest motivator of all is crossing the line. Nothing beats the exhilaration of completing your first marathon. The sense of accomplishment is absolutely amazing. Once you have done this, there is nothing you feel that you cant accomplish. It will bring you back to run marathon after marathon.

This what makes marathon running one of the most satisfying sports. This is why marathons draw so many participants to every race.

Today’s Finest Rated Running Shoes

For runners at every single level, picking the correct running shoe is essential for performance, safety and health; for that reason, a tiny amount of study is suggested. There are a number of reputable sources for running shoe reviews; nonetheless, not even an award-winning shoe will fit each and every runner’s foot. Instead, the ideal running shoes are generally designed to suit specific types of feet and runners.

The 1st step to picking a running shoe is to establish what category your foot falls beneath. There are three main varieties of feet: the usual arch, the high arch and the flat arch. The second important factor to take into consideration is pronation, or the action of the foot throughout movement as the body’s weight strikes at the heel and moves by means of to the toes. Runners with typical or neutral arches are usually usual pronators. Runners with high arches have a tendency to be underpronators, which signifies the foot rolls outwards and distributes the body’s weight to the outside of the foot rather than absorbing it properly. On the other hand, runners with flat arches are ordinarily overpronators, which indicates the foot rolls inwards too

Each underpronation and overpronation can lead to sports-related injuries and must be corrected as considerably as feasible. The suitable running shoe exists for every single foot type, and this is where research comes into play. Like the 3 most important foot kinds, running shoes can be classified accordingly: stability shoes, neutral-cushioning shoes and motion-control shoes. Shoes that fall beneath the stability category are a good fit for usual arches and are typically intended to discourage overpronation and give additional support. Neutral-cushioning shoes are normally recommended for runners with high arches who want extra mid-sole cushioning. Overpronators and heavier runners are directed toward motion-control shoes for the reason that they offer additional support for the arch side of the foot and are typically durable.

If you are searching for the ideal rated running shoes, Runner’s World Magazine is one of the most respected sources for reviews. For the publication’s latest Summer time 2009 Running Shoe Guide, the shoe good quality was evaluated based on cushioning, flexibility and responsiveness even though thinking about its dual ability to minimize the shock of the heel strike and still permit the foot to move naturally. The Editor’s Choice award was given to the Saucony Omni 8 for its comfortable assistance. Other featured shoes were the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 5 and the Asics Gel-Cumulus 11. The Mizuno Wave Nirvana 5 gives you extra stability with a stiff lining and is recommended for runners with low arches. The Asics Gel-Cumulus 11, a neutral-cushioned shoe, is praised for its well-cushioned support.

One more report issued by lists the very best rated running shoes [] in each of the 3 shoe categories. The report presents the Asics Gel-Kayano 15 as a preferred in the stability category with its Women’s Adventure Magazine Editor’s Choice award. In the neutral-cushioning category, the web-site chose the Mizuno Wave Rider 12 as a runner-up, and this shoe also received the Runner’s World December 2008 Editor’s Choice award. The Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS was featured under the motion-control category and earned the Runner’s World Very best Update award.

There are numerous other sources on-line for researching the most effective running shoes for girls and men, and you can also come across incredibly useful internet sites for purchasing all the good quality running shoes, including Brooks best running shoes, Asics running shoes and Mizuno running shoes.