Marathon Races – Tests the Skill and Determination of an Individual

[SCM]actwin,-185,-257,847,489;Berlin Marathon, 2006 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Mozilla Firefox firefox.exe 11.08.2008 , 01:29:41Marathons are the longest running events in the history of sports. There are several variants to these running events and they also happen over a period of one day. Every nation in the world has its own version of marathon races. The official distance of a marathon race is 42.195 kilometres or 26 miles and 385 yards. This is a standard set by the various world athletic bodies. A 21 kilometer running ace is also called half marathon. The last type of marathon is called the dream run which is a 7 kilometer race. Its takes a great amount of skill and determination to run a complete marathon.

The marathon is also a modern event that was officially recorded form 1896. Over a period of time there have been several notable athletes who have competed, won and created world records. The official record for marathon races stands at 2hrs 3minutes and 38seconds by Patrick Makau in the men’s category and 2hrs 15minutes and 25seconds by Paula Radcliffe in the woman’s category. Every athlete that competes in a marathon run is gifted with great stamina and determination. They start preparing for such a run years in advance. Every aspect of their diet and routine is paid special attention to.

Some of the greatest known athletes that have participated in marathon races have won after many years of dedication to this sport. This event is an Olympic sport, and it also one of the only event that is hosted individually by various countries. Some of the well know marathon events around the world are the Mumbai Marathon, London Marathon and many more. The participation to these events is open to all. There is no restriction on nationality. Surprisingly there are several athletes who participate in these events and win huge sums of money. Recently a man named Fauja Singh became the oldest man to run a marathon.

He participated in the Toronto Marathon. He didn’t win but the fact that he completed the marathon tells you a lot about the human spirit. The average time it takes to complete the marathon races depends from individual to individual. An athlete level runner would take usually two hours and thirty minutes. Any average human being should be able to finish the race in five hours. But now many people end up finishing the race most people give up or get fatigued in the middle of it. It’s a great experience to be a part of this kind of race as it teaches you dedication and discipline. It also tests your character.

Most people have this kind of an event on their bucket list and plan to participate in a running marathon at least once in their life. There are various training programs that you can try to build the stamina for such a race. It would include several hours of running and cardio in the gym. These races are meant for people who wish to embrace the human spirit and those who wish to find out what they are made off.