New Balance 991s A Tried And True Running Shoe

With the New Balance 991 running shoes, those final miles or steps, seem a lot less difficult. Originally intended for long distance training, the 991 model is as tried and true as a running shoe comes. In fact, when runners trade in their broken down New Balance 991s, they tend to purchase the same model again. The repeated purchases come not just from a familiarity with the brand; because of the design, structure, and care that goes into making each shoe, New Balance 991 customers are buying more than just a sturdy pair of running shoes. While some brands allow feet to feel the pavement after a maybe a hundred miles, New Balance 991s refuse to break down until over a few hundred. Using polyurethane, the 991s offer extra cushion on the heel and reinforced materials on the sides. On the ball of the foot is blown rubber, providing extra cushion for an extra long run.

All runners have some part of their foot that first recognizes the breakdown of a shoe. It may be that the arches begin to ache; with New Balance 991s, the reinforced arch allows even medium to large build runners (whose arches tend to be lower to the ground) to run comfortably. For others, the ball of the foot might burn, sending a signal that the shoe has become too thin and pavement is sneaking through. With the New Balance 991, besides the blown rubber, the extra-wide sole provides enough room and stability to allow the foot to comfortably hit the ground. The wide sole also helps prevent shin splints, keeping the foot grounded and aiding in proper running technique.

However, if running is not the sole purpose of purchasing new shoes, the New Balance 991 is much beloved by those who must stand at work or those who walk continuously on the job. The aforementioned wide sole is not just effective for runners; the sole provides stability if standing for long periods of time. Also, the reinforced ball of the foot is excellent if extensive walking is part of a typical day. Keeping the feet comfortable and well-cushioned, the 991 model is the ideal pick for those considering either a marathon or a marathon day at work. Continually returned to by loyal customers, the New Balance 991 may have been intended for long distance running on pavement, but its use value is so much more.