Setting Goals For Your Running Program

postMany runners begin running for physical exercise and a greater sense of well-being only to learn that running program is also a great way to meditate. It becomes a regular part of your routine and everyday spiritual practice. As you gain greater confidence in your running capabilities, you might consider joining a running group or trying some of the local running clubs training runs. Many people who thought they weren’t good enough to run with others progress to wanting to run a couple of local road races.

I believe that most runners benefit as much psychologically from running as physiologically. Recognize the true payback of an overall running and training program and then pursue this endeavor with the knowledge that injury-free running will provide lifelong fitness and a better quality of life.

To establish your personal fitness goals, think about what you intend to accomplish. Pick an audacious goal, something way out there such as competing in a local 10k race, improving your individual time by 10 percent, or dropping that weight you’ve been carrying. Then set several immediate goals to give you something to aim for and several opportunities to celebrate your accomplishments in stages. Taking this time to recognize your advancements will give you a more positive attitude and help you reach those big goals that are waiting out there for you.

Once you set your goal and establish a timeline, begin developing your training program. By taking a systematic approach, you’ll greatly reduce the opportunity for injury. You will have checks and balances to prevent you from over or under-training as you strive to improve your health.